Changing The Way Ink Gets Laid

Our machines are proudly manufactured in America (USA). The NeoTat machines are built using only the best materials and components available. Each machine is hand fitted and assembled before it is then run through vigorous testing. This is to assure the artist that our machines will run consistently for years to come.

Customer Experiences

"I have been using NeoTat rotaries since their concenption several years ago. I absolutely love the smooth linear action and complete soundless performance. The latest neoTat evolution, the Vivace, in my opinion is an improvement not only on design but performance as well. Minimal vibration and effortless manoeuvrability reduces stress in the hand and allows precise control while tattooing. Offering four different stroke lengths, I actually use the Vivace as a liner as well asa shader/colour packing tool. While fairly light, the weight distribution is located above the needle bar minimising vibration, yet offers enough punch to allow effortless saturation with unnecessary stress to the hand and wrist. " - Marshall Bennett

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